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Patio Shade Solutions for You

Is your patio beckoning for you to come outside and enjoy it? Afraid you’ll roast out there because you don’t have enough shade?

Your patio can be a central location for home entertainment and family fun.  Most homeowners are not fortunate enough to have a patio that is well shaded. Those that do have natural shade still must deal with rain.

What are the Best Patio Shade Solutions?

  • Slow way: Plant some trees. This is a great idea anyway, but it can take years for trees to provide you with adequate shade and they provide little shelter from driving rain.
  • Cheap way: Get a patio umbrella. These are a great short-term solution, but they do not provide enough coverage area to provide comfort and protection for a large group of people.
  • Ugly Way: invest in a pop up tent like you see at soccer games and street festivals.
  • Long-term Value Solution: Get a well-made patio cover, lattice cover, or patio awning.

Patio covers can provide years of outdoor comfort on your patio. They can be configured with a solid or lattice roof which provide design options, and a solid roof provides full protection from sun and rain.

Lattice patio covers provide a combination of natural light and shade. These are best in areas where you are not concerned about extremely high temperatures or lots of rain. Ivy or other plants may be used with the lattice cover to give the cover a more natural atmosphere.

Awnings produce great shade coverage as well as rain protection. The shade they provide will greatly lengthen the life of your patio and extend the time you can comfortably use it for entertaining.

Creating patio shade is easy. Consider the look you want as well as the functionality you are looking for when creating your shade.

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