How To Block Out The Sun On My Patio

How To Block Out The Sun On My Patio

drop shades to block out the sun

If you are a homeowner, you want to make your home a convenient and comfortable place that you enjoy. Is your outdoor living space an oasis, or a place you avoid?

We get many complaints from people that they cannot use their patio because it is just too hot. Even after installing a patio cover, the early morning or late evening sun hits their patio at an angle that prevents them from enjoying time there.

How Can You Block Out the Sun On Your Patio?

Consider drop shades!

Drop shades can be installed on any side of your patio to minimize bright sun rays that peak under your patio cover in the morning and evening. Drop shades block out the bright sun without blocking out all of the light and warmth. They can also make your home more aesthetically pleasing and provide additional privacy.

From an energy saving perspective, drop shades may also help in keeping your electricity bill low since they reduce the direct sunlight hitting your house.

Having a patio is a great thing. Just imagine eating your breakfast with your family, enjoying dinner, or ending the night on your patio with a refreshing drink.

Are you ready to enjoy your patio more?
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Don Libolt
Don Libolt
Don is the Owner of Don's Awnings. He began in the awnings and patio cover industry in 1980 in Santa Barbara and has designed and constructed thousands of projects.From 2001 to present Don has focused in the Sun City retirement community located in Lincoln, CA. His company now has over 2000 customers and has designed and built major projects such as an Amphitheater, Secret Gardens Patio, Pickleball Court Cover, etc. ...Don's Awnings, Inc. has over 34 years experience in the design and installation of both Retractable Awning products and Aluminum Lattice and Solid Covers.

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